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August 23, August 30 and Sept. 6

 *Please let me know of any related Jobson studies or MBA data that can be cited and linked to in any of these articles. PLEASE PROVIDE ME A LINK to the data you are referring to. Going forward this will be part of our regular routine–looking for Jobson- or MBA-related research for articles when it makes sense or is possible to do so

August 23

Colleen Hannegan, optician, on selling more plano sunwear

Suzanne LaKamp, OD, on how to train staff to use new instruments

Arian Fartash, OD, on how to recruit talented Millennials

Roger to decide by noon on Monday with video ready to be embedded on an ROB page of 3 pm that same day

Reach for Excellence
Conducting practice valuation

Cheryl Murphy, OD, on educating CL patients

3 Article Embryos
Gina Wesley, OD, on best CE courses

Chad Fleming, OD, on hiring an OD

Anita Mizrachi, optician, on fall optical promotions

Jackie Cat Photo of the Week & Feline Vision Fun Fact


What is a cat’s third eyelid?

In Brief
Jobson and Essilor to Present ‘Defining the Future of Optometry’ Symposium at Expo West
Vision Expo West attendees can join with key industry colleagues for the premier of a comprehensive report, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A, on the future of optometry. The symposium, a data-based analysis of forces shaping the profession, will prepare attendees to remain competitive as the market evolves. “Defining the Future of Optometry—Megatrends Shaping the Profession” is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Essilor of America and is produced by Jobson Medical Information.

The symposium will take place on Friday, Sept. 15 from 6:45 to 8:15 am. Continental breakfast will be served and an RSVP is required. Key issues that will be examined by the panel include:

• Workforce Projections: Need and Supply
• Prime Opportunities: Growth Areas Defined and Upside Forecast
• Technology: Opportunities and Challenges
• Health Care Delivery: How to Be In It to Win It
• Action Points for Optometry to Prevail

Mark Wright, OD, FCOVD, Professional Editor, Review of Optometric Business
Richard Edlow, OD, The Eyeconomist

Gina Wesley, OD, FAAO
Michael Kling, OD
Matt Alpert, OD

To register for the event go to

Optical Women’s Association Connection Series: Emotional Intelligence 2.0
The Optical Women’s Association’s Connection Series: Connecting Members to Leadership Ideas will offer an in-depth panel discussion of core EQ skills that enable attendees to fulfill their highest potential on Thursday, Sept. 14, from 12:00 to 1:30 pm in the Sands Expo Las Vegas, Room 303.

Based on the OWA book selection Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, moderator Erinn Morgan, editorial director of Eyecare Business magazine, along with five specially chosen panelists, will expand on the four EQ skills—self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management—that will help attendees manage, adapt, and come out ahead in both private life and the competitive workplace.

As quoted by Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, (Emotional Intelligence 2.0) “gives abundant, practical findings and insights with emphasis on how to develop EQ. Research shows convincingly that EQ is more important than IQ.”

The panelists include Johanna Loeffler, an associate consultant and facilitator with Cleinman Performance Partners, a team of business specialists who offer results-oriented doctor and staff training workshops and consulting services tailored to the needs of health care businesses and their owners.

Nan Meehan, VP of eyewear at ABB Optical Group has more than 25 years of sales, marketing and management experience. She has helped build several businesses from the ground up, delivering rapid revenue growth and increased market share through highly effective results-oriented sales practices.

Megan Molony, VP of merchandising at National Vision, is an experienced and innovative executive-level leader. Adept at leading high-performing teams to identify and deliver game-changing initiatives across organizations, she has worked in the optical industry for 22 years with such companies as Luxottica Retail and Essilor.

Deborah Shute is an experienced Global Human Resources executive who has been with Essilor of America since 2011. She is an Executive Team member of Essilor Labs Group, EOA Operations and Strategic Initiatives and leads the Strategic Business Partnering arm of HR for all lab channels and strategic alliances. She is highly skilled in all areas of HR with particular emphasis on strategic business partnering, talent management, change management and executive coaching.

Benjamin Young is the manager of Talent Development for Luxottica Wholesale North America. He has over 10 years’ experience building and delivering leadership development programs.

This ABB Optical Group sponsored event is a must for anyone interested in self-improvement and meaningful career relationships. Pre-registration and a nominal fee are required, and lunch is included. Register now at


August 30

Scott Huffer, OD, on five key marketing investments

Aaron Neufeld, OD, on how to generate referrals

Thuy-Lan Nguyen, OD, on technology to make Millennials love your practice

Sept. 6
Dave Anderson, OD, on 3 Instruments that are ROI Home Runs

Pamela Miller, OD, on how to legally protect your practice when expanding care

Maria Higgins, OD, on knowing who your patients are and what they need

Sept. 13
EyeCare Prime article on LensFerry S: Contact lens subscription service with monthly payments, automatic shipment

Jeff Swafford, OD
My Eye Expert
Gurney, IL

Reach for Excellence inspired: Know the Terms of Success
–What sellers need to know; what buyers need to know

Sept. 20
Andy Mackner on Advocacy is an Optometric Skill

Oct. 11
EyeCare Prime article on WebSystem 3: Patient management system, cloud-based, multi-platform communications with patients

David Kading, OD, FAAO
Specialty Eye Group
Kirkland, Washington

Reach for Excellence inspired: Understand Due Diligence–How miscalculating value and status of a practice can doom a practice acquisition

Nov 8
EyeCare Prime article on Premier: Digital marketing system, customer retention and acquisition, social media and online presence management

Michael Satryan, OD
Mountain View Eye Associates
Altoona, PA

Reach for Excellence inspired: Bring Your Checkbook–How attorneys do and don’t prepare you for a blizzard of closing fees; what they are, what they cost

Dec. 6
EyeCare Prime article on Reach: Consultant-based digital solutions to drive patients to your practice


Peter Cass, OD
Beaumont Family Eyecare

Reach for Excellence
Coding and Billing

Dec. 13

Reach for Excellence inspired:

Jan. 3
Casey Hedeberg & Mark Wright, OD, FCVOD
“Data-Based Decision Making”

Gestating Articles

Peter Cass, OD, on how to effectively work with vendor reps

Peter Cass, OD, top ways to motivate employees

Shamir-Sponsored: Personalized Progressive Lenses: Exceed Patient & Profitability Expectations

Kimberly Hoch on measuring the effectiveness of social media posts

How to sell more sunwear to seniors

Adam Cmejla, financial advisor, on budgeting so an excessive lifestyle doesn’t cut into practice investment and personal savings

Rachael Click, OD, on optical promotions

Maria Higgins, OD, on how to discover who your patients are

Casey Packer, OD, on participating in medical missions

Kirk Smick, OD, on premium IOLs

Dave Anderson, OD, on Instrumentation: 3 ROI Home Runs

Colleen Hannegan, optician and consultant, on Key Elements of Every Effective Staff Meeting

Colleen Hannegan, optician and consultant, on Top Tips for Capturing Plano Sun Sales

David Geffen, OD, on three instruments to serve senior patients

Justin Bazan, OD, on Artificial Intelligence: 3 Possible Eyecare Applications

Ian Ben Gaddie, OD, Glaucoma Specialty: Tips on Serving Patients & Generating Revenues

Maria Sampalis, OD, on 3 Steps to Exceed Patient Expectations

Jennifer Lyerly, OD, and Kevin Smith, optician on Our Practice’s Greatest Eyewear

ZEISS-SPONSORED: How Advanced Lens Technology Can Help You Define Your Practice

ZEISS-SPONSORED: Make Advanced Single-Vision, Free-Form Lenses a Practice & Revenue Builder

How a Change in Terminology is Helping Ellen Byrum-Goad, LDO, and Stuart Thomas, OD, sell more computer glasses

Lisa M. Greene, OD, on how she created a wellness model in her practic

How & Why I Joined an ACO–and How It Will Grow My Practice

Other Articles in Planning Stages

Tom Zgainer, financial consultant, on 401ks for ODs

Gina Wesley, OD, on best CE courses

Chad Fleming, OD, on hiring an OD

Anita Mizrachi, optician, on fall optical promotions

Peter Cass, OD, on forging strong relationships with vendor reps

Adam Cmejla, financial advisor, on budgeting to avoid letting an excessive lifestyle cut into practice investment and personal savings

Adam Cmejla, financial advisor, and accountant friend, on calculating and projecting ROI on capital investments like new equipment

Kim Hoch, office manager/social media maven on measuring the effectiveness of social media posts

Rachael Click, OD, on optical promotions

Arian Fartash, OD, on how to recruit young talented ODs

Maria Higgins, OD, on how to discover who your patients are

Aaron Neufeld, OD, on how he generates friends and family referrals from patients

James “Casey” Packer, OD, on participating in medical missions

Kirk Smick, OD, on premium IOLs

Colleen Hannegan, optician/consultant, on marketing plano sunwear

Colleen Hannegan, optician/consultant, on effective staff meetings

Suzanne LaKamp, OD, on training doctors to use new instrumentation

Courtney Case, OD, on serving patients who don’t speak English

Thuy-Lan Nguyen, OD, on technology and services to please Millennials

Peter Cass, OD, on how he trains new employees

David Geffen, OD, on three instruments to serve senior patients

Gina Wesley, OD, on practice budgeting

Chad Fleming, OD, on key technology investments he’s made to his practice and the ROI

Ken Krivacic, OD, on adding new products/technology to your practice

Adam Cmejla, financial advisor, on how to put together and use a P&L statement

Dave Anderson, OD, on how he serves glaucoma patients and suspects

Justin Bazan blog/opinion piece on potential eyecare AI applications

Ian Ben Gaddie, OD, on creating a glaucoma specialty


Robert Bass, OD, on how he sells lens add-ons like Transitions and AR

Philip Treu, OD (Lisa Shin’s partner) on his system for limiting glasses remakes

Dale Buettner, OD, on how he differentiated himself to beat out 11 other applicants for employment with an OD group he wanted to join.

Adam Cmejla: series: The Multi-faceted Role of Risk in Retirement Planning and Portfolio ManagementThe Equity Equation: Understanding the Dimensions of Expected Returns StocksThe Bond Balance: How to View Fixed Income in Your Investment Portfolio Putting it All Together: Efficient Portfolio Management for the Long Term

Max Mancilla, OD, on planning frame inventory for a new practice

Eric Ferjentsik on monitoring key metrics in a practice

Justin Bazan, OD, and Yasmin Johnson, optician, on summer optical promotions

Marlon Demeritt, OD, on reducing staff turnover

Ted McElroy, OD, on how he recruits new employees

Maria Sampalis, OD, on her practice’s major capital investments

Linda Hardy, OD, on three to five ideas for optical displays

Mark Wright, OD, on five steps you must take to be HIPAA-compliant

Brad Dobson, OD, and Desiree Davis, on value of Optos

Chuck Aldridge, OD, for ALCON POWER OF ONE-SPONSORED article on how daily and monthly contacts are better for patient and practice profitability

Aaron Werner, OD, on trunk shows

Vicky Dzruinko, OD, for ALCON NIGHT & DAY

Erik Ferjentsik, MBA, on learning from dental model

Rob Marcella of CS EYE on preparing practices for ICD-10

Josiah Young, OD, on his own experience maximizing the patient video showing a baby seeing through her new glasses

Kelly Kerksick, OD, on how she’s using RevolutionEHR to prepare for ICD-10 (sponsored article for RevolutionEHR)

Ellie Hattori, OD, on CRT/OrthoK (should get in touch with her some time in Sept. about that)

Robert Bass, OD, on patient recall

Yoongie Min, OD, on selling lid scrubs and other medical eyecare accessories

Justin Bazan, OD, and optician Yasmine, on selling custom-made sunglasses

Eric White, OD, on value of mentioning brands in the exam room

Brian Spittle, OD, on motivating staff

Ellen Goad and Stuart Thomas, OD, on summer promotions

Elvin Fenton, OD, on frame inventory management system and the related company he runs

Suzanne LaKamp, OD, on profitably serving multifocal patients

Linda Chous, OD, on opportunity presented by new healthcare coverage for children under healthcare reform

Melanie Denton, OD, and her professor, Paul Johnson, on optimizing social networks within a practice

Thuy-Lan Nguyen, OD, on turning specialty contact lenses into profit maker

Thuy-Lan Nguyen, OD, on teaching at optometry school while in private practice and also using externs you teach

Steve Vargo, OD, on strategies for increasing revenue per exam

Jenn Simone, optician, and Nathan Dorfman, OD, on new eyeglasses cleaner to sell as additional revenue stream

Steve Sunder, optician and consultant, on frame board inventory management

Peter J. Cass, OD, on new CMS’s new fraud and abuse guidelines

for F. Mason Smith, OD: Decision making process for instrumentation investment

April Jasper, OD: Hiring High Performers

Peter Cass, OD: Loss-of-business claims

Maria Sampalis, OD: Pricing materials for profit

Maria Sampalis, OD: Evaluating your chair cost

Maria Sampalis, OD: Remodeling office

Maria Sampalis, OD: sunglasses sales

Maria Sampalis, OD: Coding for foreign body

Maria Sampalis, OD: iExaminer

Penn Moody, OD: Opening second office

Teresa Narayan, OD: Using instrumentation to educate contact lens patients

Brett Paepke, OD: Improving preventative care under Meaningful Use 2

Stuart Thomas, OD, and Ellen Goad: Second-pair sales

Monica Allison, OD: ROI of getting MBA

Melanie Denton, OD, and Paul Johnson: Social networks within practice

Matthew Alpert, OD: E-store for glasses on practice web site

Jeffrey Robertson, OD, and Jennifer C. Lane, OD: Making front desk super stars

Brian Linde, OD: LASIK co-management